Like every Maini Group company, Maini Plastics and Composites Pvt. Ltd. (MPC) was born to meet a challenge, address a need and provide a solution thereby furthering the Maini legacy, to enrich community and environmental wellbeing.

When The Maini Group decided to launch REVA, India’s first electric car, one key sourcing requirement was aesthetically and dimensionally critical, body exterior and interior parts. These had to be vacuum-formed.

At the time, vacuum-forming was
used in India for mainly two
product categories: PVC thin film grade for packaging FMCG and, to a lesser extent, a heavier gauge for automobile accessories like spare wheel covers and minor vehicle interior trims.

And so to supply the REVA project, in 2001 the Group started a new vacuum-forming division. This initiative substantially extended the options available for the process in the country and thus created another world-class Maini manufacturing facility.

The success of this plastics
division, first in supplying REVA
and then other clients in the automotive and non-automotive sectors, led to the formation of MPC
in April 2010.